Experience lucid dreaming. Or create your own!


Neurorealities is an end-to-end platform for creating and experiencing hyper-personalized content based on users' brain data, biodata, and social media data.

Want to give it a try?

1. Create

Create your interactive experience in Unity. Immerse the user in a new world with VR, or make their world better with AR.


Support for Unreal Engine and  other platforms is coming soon!



2. improve

Add brain-contingent features using our easy-to-use SDK. Get analytics on engagement with your content for free.


Out-of-the-box  support for Muse, Neurosky, and OpenBCI headsets

3. Share

Share your experience with the community of lucid dreamers who already use Neurorealities.



It will seamlessly work for the ones that don't have the hardware, no source code changes required.

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