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OSCILLATIONS is an international immersive art studio, producing the future of spatial entertainment with the help of neuroscience.

Our focus areas

brand activations

we launch brands, events, and products by seizing the attention of customers and attendees with full-sensory art installations and neurologically-augmented experiences that leave scientifically-verified, lasting impressions.

immersive experiences

we dream at the edge of technological possibility. our team blends art, science, philosophy, and the latest in AI and spatial AR/VR technology to tell stories and share perspectives by deeply immersing the observer in an personally-driven experience.

intersectional art 

we've forged deep, lasting connections with dozens of acclaimed artists from across the globe, representing diverse identities and artistic mediums. we believe in Gesamtkunstwerk; a "total work of art" creative process that focuses on respectful collaboration to create holistic, intersubjective art.

we'd love to hear from you

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Our Partners

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