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Fire Together Documentary

Watch the behind-the-scenes origin story of OSCILLATIONS: 30 diverse artists from around the world come

to Chicago to make a virtual reality production, "Fire together," for Universal Music and Facebook-Oculus.

A Dream Team of Creatives

Globalization has accelerated the evolution of art forms. OSCILLATIONS works with innovators across these art forms.

Why Humans Create Art

All humans, from cavemen to postmodern nihilists, create art. Why? And what happens when a diverse group of them get together?

The Edgar Miller Studio

What is it like to be immersed in art? OSCILLATIONS kicks off Fire Together at the Edgar Miller Studio in Chicago.

Pole Dancing in Fire Together

Pole art integrates a wide variety of movement forms. Fire Together features a pole fusion of contemporary and martial arts.

Art and Technology

Head of Business Development at Intel Studios, Sarah Vick, explains why artists and technologists need to work together.

Neural Synchrony

Neuroscientist and artist at New York University, Suzanne Dikker, explains what it means to be on the same neural wavelength.

The Circus Arts in Fire Together

The circus arts are having a renaissance. Fire Together features a circus "experiment" with two interdisciplinary performers.

Capoeira in Fire Together

Capoeira is a martial art that looks like dance. Fire Together uses capoeira as a core connection point across movement forms.

Your Brain on Art

Professor of Neuroscience and Business at Northwestern University, Moran Cerf, explains your brain on art.

Universal Grammar of Dance

Professor of Linguistics at Harvard University, Isabelle Charnavel, explains the structural regularities of dance.

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